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Rent Review

"....the narration crackles and pops with incendiary wit"

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Rent Review, as said above, is a community for us to critique and comment on Rent fan fiction we've read. It is not a community for writing fan fiction. We merely read other stories, and then post a critique on Rent Review.
Note: any story with any pairing, including AU or crossovers is allowed to be critiqued, as long as it includes the Rent fandom. You are not allowed to critique your own story. Obviously.
To make a critique, use the following outline:

Title: Write the title of the story, not the title of the review.
Author of story: Write the LJ user name of the author of the story, preferably with a link to the user's journal.
Author of critique: Your name. You can choose which name to put there.
Rating of story: Rate the story out of 10. (10 is the best. Please be kind. If a story ranks 5 or less, that means it was really quite bad. Most stories are 6-9. a 10 is fantastic, so don't use 10 too often.)
Brief summmary: A one or two sentence summary, including character's pairings. NO SPOILERS HERE
Story link: Link to the story.

Then make an LJ cut. Under neath the cut, write your critique. Your critique should be three sentences or more. Please be kind and civilized. If you feel you have nothing polite to say, don't do the critique. Please comment on the literary strengths and weaknesses of the story. Be detailed! Spoilers are allowed under the cut. Say if the characterization was good or not and explain why/why not. Do not flame the writer, because opinions differ and they worked hard on the story.

As of now, you can link to a story anywhere, not just LJ. That includes FF.net, et cetera, as long as it includes Rent.

How To Request A Critique
Like I said, you can't review your own story, but you can request for your story to be reviewed. Just make a post in this format:

Title: The title of your story.
Summary: A short summary 1-2 lines.
Characters/Pairings: you know the drill
Won't Read: Write here what kind of fics you won't read. This is because after somebody critiques a requested fic, they can ask you to critique their own fic in return, and you have to do that unless it's on their WR list.

If you have just critiqued a requested fic, merely put the info for your own in-return fic in a comment after the critique, or at the end of the critique. You don't have to put WR because you've already given a critique.